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the modern pocket journal

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Writing is tough when lives are busy sometimes you have to figure out how to write where ever you are. Laptops are pretty heavy and the battery life is not always the greatest. It’s also not convenient to carry a laptop with you everywhere. So what is a wandering, computing person going to do to capture the muse wherever on may be?

Some of us kick it old school. There is a reason the moleskine has made a comeback (besides very strong marketing). If you are looking for great pocket notebooks, skip the office supply stores with the cheapie glued in pages or spiral bound messes. Be sure to check out a asian stationery or office supply stores with inexpensive notebooks with sewn in signatures. 

I’m most excited by the advent of new Netbooks, small lightweight laptops that are affordable and have incredibly battery life. An added bonus is that they are small enough to fit in most any bag, but large enough to be able to type on them. I’m researching them and hoping to get one to see if it improves my writing frequency. 

Lastly, Google Docs is a great alternative to carrying a laptop. Wherever there is a computer with web access, you can login and get a few paragraphs in?

What do you do to capture the muse when you are on the move?