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on writing a novel, or heck just writing…

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Writing is hard work. Let’s face it. It’s solitary, it takes time, someone is going to not like it (the more subjective the more vicious the criticism), it pays lousy. But so many of do it. Why? Why is pretty much an irrelevant question, since motivations are infinite. What is valuable though is the how of writing, and in that arena there are almost as many ideas. 

Pia Chatterjee in this feature about local talent in the Bay Area writes about the daunting challenge of writing a novel. I can sympathize as mine has been sitting for ages. She gives a plan for getting a novel done. While I don’t agree with all the tips, since it requires a lot of time and discipline which is not available in many careers, it does provide one meaningful path toward the goal of writing. Check it out. What are your tips for writing? How do you learn? How do you get better?