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Our first step….

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

One of the reasons that my friend started a writers group was to create some external driver to get us to write. Basically it was a game to get us to write so we would have an opportunity to get together socialize, to eat and to drink. But to get there, we had to write. We at least enforced that. 

Ever since then I’ve looked for tricks to keep me writing. I’m quite passionate about the environment, so I started a blog and the drill was to write. It didn’t matter how great the post was, but to commit. It kept me writing for a year. But then life interferes.

So what do you do to get you to write?

A blog gets me writing, but that’s just to keep my chops up.

So one more time, what do you do?

Welcome to the writer’s sandbox….

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

I’ve been sitting on this domain for a long time. I originally picked this up as part of a writers group I was a member of many moons ago. I thought it would be a way for the group to share their work and collaborate on our blitz writing sessions. Hemingway said that writers groups don’t make better writers, but they do make friends. This blog is going to be an experiment in getting writers to share their tips and secrets in how to be a better writer. Maybe prove the “Old man and the C” wrong.

Every few days I’ll post a topic or subject that I invite writers to submit posts on. They will be simple in form, but complex in response. Some will be requests for links to your favorite works. Other posts may simply be news of note to writers. So please join me as we create the world by committing words to form.